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Download Datasheet and Setup instructions Here


The Moxon antenna was first introduced by Les Moxon (G6XN) and is a truly superb antenna.

The ends of the two elements are bent backward (radiator) or forward (reflector) acting as a capacitive load achieving greater bandwidth and lower losses


This antenna is a simple and mechanically robust two element design giving modest directivity with a null towards the rear. The antenna achieves a high front to back ratio typically with a wide beamwidth.


There is no compromise compared to other well known manufacturers at double the price. The Driven element is re-enforced with fibreglass tubing. Made from the same size aluminium, 3/4" Inch Driven Element and Reflector centre pieces, dropping to 5/8" inch then to 1/2" inch for the folded ends. 


Great for 10/11m DX !


BANDWIDTH: 1MHz Bandwidth with VSWR below 1.6:1

DIMENSIONS: 10 Metre Band: 147cm x 390cm, 11 Metre Band: 147cm x 410cm



FEED POINT: 50ohm SO239 (N-type also available)

POWER HANDLING: SO239 1000W, N-Type 1500W

GAIN: 6dBi Freespace +/- 0.3dBi

BEAMWIDTH:  V-Plane 133 deg, H-Plane 78 deg Freespace


FREQUENCY: Adjustable 27–30 MHz. Use tuning chart. (1MHz Bandwidth)


Download datasheet and setup instructions

10m / 11m Moxon Antenna

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