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Model: HNT Penetrator 3dBi

Frequency: Tuned 868 MHz

Bandwidth: 4 MHz

Gain: 3 dBi  (3.05 dBi exact)

Impedance: 50 ohm

VSWR: Below 1.3:1

Length: 30cm.

Vertical beamwidth: 60°

Horizontal beamwidth: 360° Omni

Power Handling: 50w

Connector: N Type Male

(requires N type female fitted to coax cable)

Bracket: Fits 38 -53mm diameter pole


This is the smallest of the HNT Penetrator range claiming 3dBi of gain, a wide 60 degree vertical beamwidth and 360 degree omni directional coverage. Designed for high sites & hilly terrain. If you live on high terrain, in a high rise tower or low down in the valleys then this is the perfect antenna for you! The combination of gain and beamwidth is designed to penetrate into the areas that other antennas will struggle.  Boasting a very clean radiation pattern with no wasted energy in unwanted directions  resulting in higher rewards. Manufactured from high quality materials to withstand harsh environments. Supplied with mounting bracket to fit mast poles up to 53mm diameter and full installation instructions 

3dBi HNT Penetrator

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