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2 Bay Wideband FM Broadcast Dipole Stack

No Tuning is required


Engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions, our 2 bay Dipole Antenna Array and Phasing Harness is designed for efficient FM broadcasting and reception. With robust construction that ensures durability, this antenna is built for reliable 24/7 broadcasting. The package includes mounting hardware for straightforward installation on rooftops or masts. DC grounding provides static protection. Additionally, our H-plane polar diagram accurately reflects real-world gain and performance when mounted on a 2" mast pole.


Package includes:

2 x Folded Dipoles

2 x Boom Arms

2 x Mounting Hardware

1 x Phasing Harness



Figures based on Dipoles mounted 0.3λ from 2” mast


Frequency: Wideband 88-108 MHz (no tuning required)

TX bandwidth: 20MHz

RX bandwidth: 88MHz - 108MHz

Power handling: 600W

VSWR: <1.5:1

Return loss: <-14dB

Gain: 7.45 dBi, 5.3 dBd

Horizontal beamwidth: 196° @ -3dB

Vertical beamwidth: 34° @ -3dB

Front to back ratio: <8.6dB

Polarisation: Vertical

Connector: N Type Female

Dimensions: DP length 150cm, Boom 100cm (x2)

Material: Dipole elements Ø 15.88mm, Support Boom Ø 28.5mm Aluminium

Weather Protection:  Injection moulded polypropylene with feed point potted in polyurethane resin.


See datasheet for polar plots and mounting measurements: download here

FM Broadcast 2 Bay Dipole Antenna Stack

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