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Wilkinson Splitter/Combiners to allow you to run 2 Miners at the same location from 1 Antenna.


Ex Military Surplus Stock - Professional Military grade made by Tyco M/A Com.


Tuned for 868MHz.


Thick screned enclosure to prevent interferance and for lower SNR 


Ideal for connecting two miners to one antenna


Very low insertion loss. -3dB at each output.


SMA-Female Connections  (Requires SMA-Male plugs to connect to it)


Supplied with 2 x RPSMA MAle  to SMA Male short patch cables to connect miners to splitters.

Adapter also supplied to convert RP-SMA Male to SMA Male to allow your esixting antenna cable to fit this.

Splitter Kit - Wilkinson Splitter + Cables

    Helium Splitter Kit

    Out of Stock
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